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A journey through the Bible's most memorable people

Creative activities on all the important people in the Bible

The Bible is full of fascinating and inspiring characters who have helped shape our world and our faith. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, these individuals have left a lasting legacy that continues to impact generations of believers.

On this page we will explore some of the most important people in the Old and New Testaments, providing you with a deeper understanding of their lives, their stories, and their significance in the grand narrative of the Bible. With this knowledge, you'll be equipped to help children in your ministry and school gain a greater appreciation for these timeless figures and the lessons they can teach us.

Whether you're a seasoned teacher or just starting out, this page is designed to help you bring the rich history and lessons of the Bible to life for the children in your care. So join us on this journey as we discover the most important people in the Old and New Testaments and how their stories can inspire and educate the next generation of believers.

New Testament