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Curriculum - Year 2 (52 lessons)

A comprehensive Sunday school curriculum for a whole year

We are thrilled to introduce our comprehensive Sunday school and children's ministry curriculum, consisting of 52 engaging and interactive lessons! 

Each of our lessons is designed to provide a well-rounded learning experience, featuring an icebreaker, children's moments for during the church service, storytelling tips, a short YouTube video with reflection, a science experiment, several object lessons, several games, several crafts, and one or more creative prayer ideas.

All of our lessons are available for download in PDF format, giving you the flexibility to pick and choose the activities that best fit the needs and interests of your group, as well as the amount of time you have to work with them. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality resources that will engage and inspire your young learners, while also empowering you as a teacher to effectively deliver each lesson.

Schedule Year 2

Please find below the schedule of Bible stories and passages for our year 2 curriculum. The lessons highlighted in orange indicate that they are already completed and ready for use.

In the beginning...

1. Sunday 01/09/24: The garden of Eden                 
2. Sunday 08/09/24: Adam and Eve want to be like God                   
3. Sunday 15/09/24: Cain and Abel, the first two brothers  
4. Sunday 22/09/24: The tower of Babel

The lives of Isaac, Jacob, and Esau

5. Sunday 29/09/24: A wife for Isaac                                                    
6. Sunday 06/10/24: Jacob deceives Isaac and Esau                              
7. Sunday 13/10/24: Jacob's dream at Bethel                                            
8. Sunday 20/10/24: Jacob marries Leah and Rachel 
9. Sunday 27/10/24: Jacob's journey home to Esau

The lives of Ruth, Naomi and Boaz

10. Sunday 03/11/24: Naomi and Ruth go back home
11. Sunday 10/11/24: Ruth and Boaz get married

The live of Jonah

12. Sunday 17/11/24: Jonah and the big fish
13 Sunday 24/11/24: Jonah and the small worm

Advent - Wonderful counselor, Everlasting Father, Mighty God, Prince of Peace

14. Sunday 01/12/24: People in darkness see a great light…
15. Sunday 08/12/24: For to us a child is born…    
16. Sunday 15/12/24: Shepherds: From their flocks to a stable
17. Sunday 22/12/24: Three wise men following the star
     Wednesday 25/12/24 (Christmas Day)                             

The Sermon on the Mount

18. Sunday 29/12/24: Let your light shine      
19. Sunday 05/01/25: Be careful with your words
20. Sunday 12/01/25: Love your enemies too
21. Sunday 19/01/25: Our Father in heaven    
22. Sunday 26/01/25: For yours is the kingdom   
23. Sunday 02/02/25: The splinter and the plank    

The lessons below will be ready before December 2024            

Jesus through the eyes of the apostle John

24. Sunday 09/02/25: Jesus turns water into wine  
25. Sunday 16/02/25: Jesus and the Samaritan woman 
26. Sunday 23/02/25: Jesus heals a sick man at Bethesda   
27. Sunday 02/03/25: Jesus and the adulterous woman    
28. Sunday 09/03/25: Jesus heals a blind man    
29. Sunday 16/03/25: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead  


30. Sunday 23/03/25: A humble king on a donkey
31. Sunday 30/03/25: Jesus, Barabbas and Pontius Pilatus  
32. Sunday 06/04/25: Jesus, king of the Jews     
33. Sunday 13/04/25: Father, into Your hands… 
      Friday 18/04/25: (Good Friday)
34. Sunday 20/04/25: The empty tomb (Easter)
35. Sunday 27/04/25: From despair to hope on the Emmaus road      

The disciples and the Gospel

36. Sunday 04/05/25: Parable of the sower  
37. Sunday 11/05/25: Parable of the lost sheep   
38. Sunday 18/05/25: Parable of the lost coin  
39. Sunday 25/05/25: The disciples prepared for Jesus’ departure
      Thursday 29/05/25: (Ascension)
40. Sunday 01/06/25: Parable of the prodigal son 
41. Sunday 08/06/25:  The coming of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost)
42. Sunday 15/06/25: Parable of the great banquet                        

The life of Esther

43. Sunday 22/06/25: Esther becomes queen  
44. Sunday 29/06/25: Esther saves her people                           

The life of Nehemiah

45. Sunday 06/07/25: Nehemiah and the wall of Jerusalem
46. Sunday 13/07/25: Nehemiah persists despite opposition                  

Learning from the Psalms

47. Sunday 20/07/25: A tree planted by streams of water (Psalm 1)
48. Sunday 27/07/25: King David finds his refuge in God (Psalm 3)    
49. Sunday 03/08/25: With my God I jump over a wall (Psalm 18)   
50. Sunday 10/08/25: God is always with you (Psalm 139)  
51. Sunday 17/08/25: I cry out to the Lord for help (Psalm 142) 
52. Sunday 24/08/25: Trust in the Lord (Psalm 146)  


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