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How does this site work for you?

You only need to take three simple steps:

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Dealing with a lack of attention

DistractionSometimes the kids in your group are restless and distracted and you find yourself having to fight for their attention rather than communicating the important Biblical lesson you have prepared.

And you wonder: “Do I have what it takes?”

We know! We have been there!

But don’t despair. You can still become the Sunday school teacher that all the children love to learn from.

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So what's the plan?Plan

Do you know that you don’t need to be the best storyteller…
You don’t even need to be funny, outgoing or extravert…

To be someone that kids love to learn from,
you only need to answer the following three questions:

Question 1:  
Do I address the children's diverse learning styles?

Question 2:  
Do I offer enough variety in my lessons?

Question 3: 
Do I offer some surprising and fun elements in my lessons?

May we help you answer these questions?BECOME A MEMBER
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“Thank you so much for all the creative and inspirational ideas on your site. They make our children’s ministry so much easier!”

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We can help you to address
the different learning styles in your group.

When you understand how a child learns, teaching them becomes fun!

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Children have different ways of learning. Some kids learn through what they hear. Other kids learn through what they see or experience.

If we want all kids to learn it is crucial that we offer all three learning styles in our lessons.

During your time with the kids it is important that there is:

1 - something that they can see, such as a science experiment,
an object lesson, a video or a gospel illusion.

2- something that they can listen to, such as a story,
a testimony or a lesson.

3- something that they can do, such as a game,
a science experiment, an object lesson or team exercise

Get access to the library of ideas

We offer you access to a library of more than a 1100 ideas, stories, science experiments, object lessons, games, crafts and so much more.
These will help you to add the right elements to your lesson so that you can address all three learning styles.
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We can help you add lots of variety to your lessons.hand1

Using our extensive library of 1100+ ideas it is very easy for you to add lots of variety to your lessons. You can just pick and mix and make your lesson more attractive by adding different elements, such as games, YouTube video’s, experiments, object lessons and much more.

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Check out our many free ideas.

gratis Most of the ideas on this site are members only.To give you an indication of the quality and content of our material we have made a number of our ideas available for free. 

To get access all the ideas you can become a member for only $25 per year. Check out our free ideasLijn 4

We can help you add elements of
surprise and fun to your lessons.

Imagine becoming the Sunday school teacher who always has some elements of fun and surprise in their lessons.Surprise

An unexpected science experiment, a gospel illusion, a YouTube video, a fun game or a crazy icebreaker.

You can do this so easily by tapping into the resources on the site.

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