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Creative Kidswork is a Dutch Christian ministry that provides children’s workers and teachers with Biblical resources to enable them to teach the Good News of the Bible – God’s powerful Word!

We work with memberships that will enable you to access the hundreds of ideas and for your Sunday school, VBS, youth ministry or children's church.

You can choose between the following two memberships:

Choose a personal membership for just $25 dollars a year.

Choose a group membership for churches and schools for just $99 dollars a year. 

Creative Kidswork is a ministry, so if you are unable to afford the membership fee, just send us an email and we will give you a free membership.Discover more

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Join the new Facebook group 'Creative Kids Ministry'

Join the new Facebook group 'Creative Kids Ministry' with lots of creative ideas for kids ministry, Sunday school and youth work.

As someone who is involved in children's ministry you're always looking for creative ideas and input, and perhaps also a place where you can ask for a specific idea to go with a certain Bible story or theme.

To help you in this we have set up the Facebook group 'Creative Kids Ministry'. It is a vibrant online community of children's workers and ministers who can share ideas together. 

To facilitate this we will offer you lots of totally free creative ideas for your kids ministry, Sunday school and children’s work. Every week you’ll find here at least three excellent creative Biblical ideas such as object lessons, cool science experiments, gospel magic ideas, YouTube video’s, etc.

And of course you are more than welcome to post your own ideas!

You can join us by clicking this button .

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