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Besides lots of creative ideas for your Sunday school we also want to offer you Sunday school lessons!  Our aim is to add new lessons every month, so please return to find more and more Sunday school lessons.

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Random Old Testament stories
Joshua's defeat at Ai - 6 ideas

The life of Joseph
Joseph and his coat of many colours
- 12 ideas
* Joseph thrown into the pit - 11 ideas
* Joseph and Potiphar's wife - 12 ideas
* Joseph and Pharaoh's dreams  - 11 ideas
* Joseph meets his brothers in Egypt - 10 ideas
* Joseph reconciles with his brothers - 10 ideas

The life of Abram:
 Abram follows God’s voice - 14 ideas
* Abram and Lot separate - 14 ideas 

Psalm 23; the good Shepherd
- 18 ideas
Psalm 24; taking care of God's creation - 10 ideas
* Psalm 150; praise the Lord - 14 ideas

The life of Jesus:
* The temptation of Jesus in the desert - 13 ideas
* I am the Good Shepherd - 18 ideas
* Zacchaeus, come out of your tree - 12 ideas
* The rich young ruler - 10 ideas

 Jesus is betrayed by his friends - 11 ideas
Jesus is a different kind of  King - 13 ideas
* Father into Your hands - 11 ideas
* The empty tomb - 13 ideas

New Testament letters:
Living like Christ; Philippians 2: 1-11 - 12 ideas

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