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Are you looking for complete Sunday school lessons for your Sunday school?

Complete Sunday school lessons

Besides lots of creative ideas for your Sunday school we also want to offer you complete Sunday school lessons! 

Our aim is to add new lessons every month, so please return to find more and more complete Sunday school lessons.

Illustrated PDF booklet for each Sunday school lesson

Each Sunday school lesson comes with an illustrated PDF booklet containing between ten and fifteen creative ideas. 

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Try a Sunday school lesson for free

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'Abram follows God's voice' for free here


The life of Joseph

* Joseph and his coat of many colours - 12 ideas
* Joseph thrown into the pit - 11 ideas
* Joseph and Potiphar's wife - 12 ideas
* Joseph and Pharaoh's dreams  - 11 ideas
Joseph meets his brothers in Egypt - 10 ideas
* Joseph reconciles with his brothers - 10 ideas

The life of Abram

* Abram follows God’s voice - 14 ideas
* Abram and Lot separate - 14 ideas 


* Jesus is betrayed by his friends - 11 ideas
* Jesus is a different King - 13 ideas

New Testament letters

* Living like Christ; Philippians 2: 1 - 11 - 12 ideas