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Living the Jesus Way: Fostering Inclusion and Acceptance in Children's Ministry

  • Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek |
  • Aug 10, 2023
An inviting image of a diverse group of children participating in church activities, encapsulating the spirit of acceptance and inclusion advocated by CreativeKidswork.

Learn the importance of fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment in children's ministry, reflecting Jesus' teachings. At, we provide tools to help every child feel cherished and embraced.

Today, I want to share a compelling story that underlines the importance of embracing every child in our church community, no matter how they choose to present themselves.

A Tale of Acceptance: The Boy with the Santa Hat

A few years ago, I attended a traditional church service with a group of teenagers from my city youth group. On this particular Sunday, I was the guest preacher. One of the boys stood out, as he wore a bright Santa hat - a stark contrast to the usual attire. I considered asking him to remove it but ultimately decided that it was crucial for him to express himself.

An Unconventional Lord's Supper

When the time came for the Lord's Supper, a new experience for these teenagers, their reactions were not what one might typically expect. They conversed loudly about the bread and wine, and one even chose not to participate in drinking the wine due to his friends' comments. These actions were noticeable to everyone present.

However, instead of casting judgment or reacting negatively, the church's community warmly welcomed these teenagers. Their kindness and acceptance made the youth feel comfortable and appreciated, leading them to enjoy their time in church.

Emulating Jesus: Acceptance for All

This encounter was a powerful reminder that as Christian children's workers, we need to follow Jesus' example. He welcomed everyone, including children and teenagers, regardless of their behavior or familiarity with religious protocol. It is essential to make them feel loved, accepted, and comfortable. This atmosphere is conducive to fostering faith and spiritual growth.

CreativeKidswork: Your Ally in Fostering Inclusion

At, we are committed to aiding you in crafting this inclusive environment. Our platform is filled with engaging, interactive activities designed to establish an atmosphere of acceptance and love. Our resources are here to help children feel truly at home within our church communities, thereby nurturing their spiritual development.

Remember, children and teenagers might not always behave the way we expect them to in church. By showing them love and acceptance, we provide them with a safe space to grow in their faith, just as Jesus intends.

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