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Embracing Diverse Learning Styles: A Creative Approach to Teaching Bible Stories

  • Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek |
  • Aug 10, 2023
A vibrant image of children engaging in various activities during a Bible class, representing the diverse learning styles embraced by CreativeKidswork.

Explore a dynamic approach to teaching Bible stories that embraces the diverse learning styles of children, as practiced by CreativeKidswork, and discover how to make Bible teachings more engaging and meaningful for each unique child.

Have you ever wondered whether traditional teaching methods cater to every child's unique learning style? My journey working with children in The Hague, Netherlands, led me to question and eventually re-imagine the way we approach teaching Bible stories to children.

Recognizing the Diversity of Learners

A few years back, I was working at a youth club in an underprivileged neighborhood in The Hague. Despite our efforts to engage the children in Bible stories, they were often distracted. Some would fiddle with their phones, others would tap rhythmically on tables, and some would engage in playful banter with their peers.

In traditional settings, we might attempt to quiet these disruptions with a stern, "Stop playing with your phone!" or "Stop tapping on the table!" But what if these aren't disruptions at all? What if this is how some children engage and learn?

The 'Aha' Moment: Redefining Distractions

Intriguingly, despite their apparent lack of focus, these children were able to recap the stories we'd shared accurately. This led me to an exciting revelation - perhaps these seemingly disruptive activities were their way of engaging and processing information.

Research has shown that some children absorb information better when they're engaged in a secondary task, like playing with a phone. This means that our traditional expectations for complete silence might not always be the best way for kids to learn.

The CreativeKidswork Approach to Bible Teaching

At CreativeKidswork, we believe in embracing each child's unique learning style. Instead of viewing these as disruptions, we see them as individual learning strategies. We're dedicated to teaching our children in ways they understand and connect with best.

Nurturing Active Learners

This doesn't mean we consider children as empty vessels to be filled with knowledge. On the contrary, we recognize them as active learners, each with their unique ways of interacting with the world. As educators, it's our responsibility to nurture these individual learning methods, even if it means accepting a bit of noise, a few phone games, or some table drumming.


Remember, every child is unique, and their learning styles might not mirror ours. It's okay. Let's step into their world, understand their style, and make our Bible teachings meaningful to them. After all, it's their journey we're guiding them on. 

At, we're stocked with ideas, tips, and activities to support you on this journey. Let's celebrate the diversity of learning styles and make our Bible teachings resonate with every unique child. After all, we're here to guide them on their spiritual journey.

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