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Bible story: Jesus' trial - before the high priest

Creative activities based on the Bible story of Jesus' trial - before the high priest

Matthew 26:59-68, Mark 14:55-65, Luke 22:63-65, and John 18:12-24 describe the events of Jesus' trial before the Jewish high priest and the Sanhedrin. The trial was unjust, as the Sanhedrin had already decided to have Jesus executed. False witnesses accused Jesus of blasphemy and sedition, and the guards mocked and beat him.

Throughout the ordeal, Jesus remained calm and resolute, even when he was asked if he was the Son of God, a question that ultimately led to his condemnation. Peter, who had followed Jesus to the high priest's house, denied knowing him three times, highlighting the difficulty of standing up for one's beliefs in the face of persecution.

We have compiled a range of creative ideas and activities below that relate to this Bible story. These resources are designed to help you share this important message in an engaging and interactive way, whether you are a children's ministry leader, a Sunday school teacher, or a religious educator in a Christian primary school.

Our activities below are suitable for use in various settings such as church children's programs, children's ministry, catechism classes, children's services, Bible clubs, vacation Bible school, and Sunday school, and will help students understand the relevance of the Bible to their lives, and the importance of applying its teachings in practical ways.

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