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Training - Connecting our stories with God’s story

You can use the following exercise to start a training session on how to be a Bible storyteller.

Storytelling is an important tool for teachers to use when working with children. It helps to develop a child's imagination, language skills, and understanding of the world around them. By listening to Bible stories, children learn about God's dealings with people, but also about emotions, and experiences, which helps them to develop empathy and understanding of others. Storytelling also helps children to develop their listening and comprehension skills, which are essential. Additionally, storytelling is a fun and engaging way for children to learn, which helps to keep them motivated and interested in learning. Overall, storytelling is a powerful tool for teachers to use in order to help children learn and grow.

You can use the following exercise to help the children’s workers connect their own faith story with the Bible story that they are going to tell.

Themes: Storytelling, Bible stories, training other children’s workers, finding teaching points.

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