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Harnessing Creative Prayer Activities for Spiritual Growth in Children - A Case Study from The Netherlands

Matthijs Vlaardingerbroek| Nov 1, 2023
Children participating in creative prayer activities at a children

Discover over 130 innovative, interactive prayer ideas to help children build a genuine connection with God. Embrace these resources in your children's ministry and witness transformative spiritual growth.

Today, I want to share a story with you - a story of a children's club in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in the inner city of The Hague (The Netherlands) where I was involved. It was a chaotic club, full of children from challenging backgrounds. Each week, my goal was to have fun, but also teach from the Bible.

The Challenge of a Chaotic Children's Ministry

Before the club began, we always started with a prayer. I would ask the children to show reverence, to fold their hands and close their eyes. This was always a struggle. The kids were restless, finding it difficult to sit still, let alone close their eyes and fold their hands. This practice made them feel unsafe - after all, who knows what could happen when their eyes were shut. After I finished my prayer and said 'Amen', they would all jump up, relieved that the 'boring' part was over. Then, the real fun could begin.

From Traditional to Creative Prayer - A Journey in Children's Ministry

Looking back, making the children feel unsafe was the last thing I wanted. My wish was for them to connect with God from their hearts, to share their questions and emotions. Isn't that what prayer is all about? As a young children's worker, I didn't know any other way, so I felt obliged to get them to participate in this traditional manner. But closing eyes and folding hands doesn't automatically establish a connection with God. That's what I truly desired for these children. It wasn't about the ritual, it was about fostering a genuine connection.
So, how could I help these kids, whether they attended church or not, to connect with God from their hearts, questions, fears, joys, and more?

Empowering Children to Connect with God - Unveiling 130+ Creative Prayer Activities

This question led me on a journey - a journey to discover how creative methods could help children establish a connection with God. This quest resulted in more than 130 interactive, creative prayer ideas that allow children, either individually or as a group, to connect with God using an object or a specific task. As members and former members of CreatieveKidswork.com, we invite you to explore these 130+ creative prayer activities for your children's ministry.

Explore CreatieveKidswork's Prayer Resources for Children's Ministry Today

In our dynamic children's club in the heart of The Hague, we've discovered how creative methods can enhance children's ability to connect with God. Offering over 130 creative prayer activities, our program has empowered children from diverse backgrounds to express their thoughts, feelings, and questions in prayer. Whether your ministry is established or just starting, our innovative resources provide fresh and engaging ways to nurture spiritual growth and foster a meaningful connection between children and their faith.

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