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Bible story: Solomon's wisdom: Two mothers and one baby

Creative activities based on the Bible story of Solomon's wisdom: Two mothers and one baby

In 1 Kings chapter 3, we find the story of King Solomon's wisdom in a difficult situation. Two women came to Solomon, both claiming to be the mother of a baby. Solomon proposed to cut the baby in half and give each woman a part, but the real mother begged him to spare the child's life and give it to the other woman. Solomon knew immediately that the true mother was the one who showed love and concern for the child's well-being. This story teaches us the importance of selflessness and putting the needs of others before our own. It also shows us the power of wisdom to solve even the most difficult problems.

On this page you will find creative ideas, resources and activities relating to the Bible story Solomon and the two mothers, which you can use in your Bible lessons, kidmin, kid’s ministry, elementary school or homeschooling. 

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