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Bible story: Gideon's doglike lappers

Creative activities based on the Bible story of Gideon's doglike lappers

The Bible story of Gideon choosing an army is found in Judges chapter 7. Gideon was tasked with leading the Israelites in battle against the Midianites, but his army was vastly outnumbered. God instructed Gideon to reduce the size of his army, so that the victory would be attributed to God rather than the strength of the Israelites. Gideon obeyed God's instructions and chose only three hundred men to fight with him. Through their obedience and faith, Gideon and his small army were able to defeat the Midianites.

This story teaches us about the power of God's might and the importance of obedience and faith in His plans. It also reminds us that even when we face overwhelming challenges, God can provide the strength and wisdom we need to overcome them.

On this page you will find creative ideas, resources and activities relating to the Bible story of Gideon choosing an army, which you can use in your kid’s work, kidsmin, Sunday school lessons, kid’s worship or Christian elementary school.