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Bible story: The shrewd steward

Creative activities based on the Bible story of The shrewd steward

The Parable of the Shrewd Steward in Luke 16:1-8 is a story told by Jesus about a steward who is about to lose his job because of his wastefulness. In a shrewd move, he reduces the debts of his master's debtors so that they will owe him a favor in the future. Although the master commends him for his shrewdness, Jesus emphasizes the importance of using our resources wisely and the danger of serving both God and money.

This parable challenges us to consider our priorities and the way we use our resources. It teaches us to be shrewd in our actions and to use our resources to build relationships and help others, rather than just accumulating wealth.

We've gathered a collection of creative ideas and activities inspired by the Parable of the Shrewd Steward. These resources are designed to help you share this important message in an engaging and interactive way, whether you are a children's ministry leader, a Sunday school teacher, or a religious educator in a Christian primary school.

These resources are suitable for use in various settings such as church children's programs, children's ministry, catechism classes, children's services, Bible clubs, vacation Bible school, and Sunday school, and will help students understand the importance of wise stewardship and using our resources for good.

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