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Bible book: Job

Creative activities and ideas based on the Bible book Job

The book of Job in the Bible asks the difficult question: "Why does God allow evil in the world?" Job is a wealthy and pious man, blessed with a comfortable life and a large family. In a contest with Satan, God allows Job to suffer immense loss and intense suffering, testing his faith. Despite the advice of his friends and even his wife, Job remains steadfastly faithful to God. Seeing Job's unwavering faith, God restores his wealth and blessings. But, unfortunately, Job never receives an answer to the question of why God allows suffering in this world.

Below, you will find a range of creative ideas and activities that relate to the stories and themes within the book of Job. These resources will help you to share the beauty of these Biblical stories and their powerful messages. Whether you work with children in a church, catechism, children's services, Bible clubs, vacation Bible school, or Sunday school, these ideas will inspire you. Additionally, these resources are also suitable for religious education or Bible education in Christian primary schools.

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