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Bible book: Jeremiah

Creative activities and ideas based on the Bible book Jeremiah

The Bible book of Jeremiah is the second of the four major prophets: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. The book of Jeremiah is a message to the Jews who are in exile in Babylon. Jeremiah tells them why God allowed this to happen: it is God's judgment on the fact that the Jews in Israel worshipped idols. But there is also the promise that if they remain faithful, God will eventually restore them.

The book of Jeremiah contains powerful and moving stories of Jeremiah's prophetic ministry and his struggles to convey God's message to the people. It is a book that speaks to the importance of faithfulness, even in difficult times, and the need to trust in God's promises.

Below, you will find creative ideas and activities that are applicable to this Bible book and the stories within it, helping you to share these beautiful Bible stories. These creative ideas can be used in various settings, including children's ministry, catechism, children's church, Bible clubs, vacation Bible school, or Sunday school. This also applies to Bible education or religious education in Christian primary schools.