Object lesson - Joseph’s coat: ‘Bullying always hurts’

Use this creative activity to teach about the Bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colours

There’s a lot of bullying going on in Jacob’s family. Joseph tells on his brothers whenever he can, and his brothers ignore him and hate him. They weren’t a happy family!

In this activity we take a deeper look at the subject of bullying; what this means, what the children know about it and how they experience it.

Bullying Always Hurts a creative activity about the Bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colours

What do you need:

- two pieces of fruit and a knife. One of the pieces of fruit must be damaged or rotten on the inside without this showing on the outside. This could work with an apple or pear, or avocado.
- for each group of children you need an A4 with the word ‘RIGHT’ on it, and an A4 with the word ‘WRONG’.
- A4 sheets with the following:
Sheet 1 – ‘Verbal bullying – bullying with words’
Sheet 2 – ‘Physical bullying – bullying with your body’
Sheet 3 – ‘Material bullying – bullying with things’
sheet 4 – ‘Relational bullying – bullying as a group’
Sheet 5 – ‘Digital bullying- bullying via social media’

What do you do:

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