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Game - Zechariah meets Gabriel: Which number did you throw? - FREE

You can use this as a fun Bible game about the story of the priest Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel in the temple

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on Zechariah meeting the angel Gabriel, as part of our series for advent and Christmas. 

Kopie van Bouw een MUUR 19


What do you need: 

- a big dice
- an A4 with the name ‘Zechariah’ on it.

What do you do: 

The children take it in turns to throw the dice. They are going to tell some things about themselves, and the number they throw on the dice will determine how many things they tell about themselves.

For example if they throw a four:
-my name is Lucy
- I am ten years old
- I like to play football
- I have a dog called Sammy

As leader you can be the one to start the ball rolling, and then make sure that all the children have had a turn. End by showing the children the A4 with ‘Zechariah’ on it, and roll the dice as it were for him, and tell the children a few things about Zechariah:

-I am very old
- My wife is called Elisabeth
- My greatest wish was to have a child
- Elisabeth can’t have children
- I am a priest
- Soon it will be my turn to sacrifice in the temple




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