Icebreaker - Mary and Elisabeth: Let that popcorn pop!

An icebreaker as part of the Bible story where the pregnant Mary meets her pregnant aunt Elisabeth

Tell the children that everything’s going to start bubbling up in this weeks’ story. The baby in Elisabeth’s tummy jumps for joy, Elisabeth calls out that Mary is blessed, and Mary suddenly starts singing a song. Everything starts bubbling up and happening, just like the popcorn that starts jumping all over the place.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday school lesson on Mary meeting Elisabeth as part of our series for advent and Christmas.


Icebreaker Pop that popcorn based on the Bible story about Mary meeting her aunt Elisabeth

What do you need?

- microwave popcorn and a microwave
- OR corn, oil, a pan. a camping stove and paper cups

What to do:

In the microwave:
- make the popcorn and give each children a handful op popcorn

On the camping stove:
Be careful! This activity is not without its own risks! Prepare it well beforehand and make sure you have enough leaders. The effect can be fun and exciting.
Make sure you create a safe environment by making sure that the children are sitting in a circle around the camping stove at a good distance. Make sure the camping stove is on a sturdy surface. Heat a little oil and get the popcorn popping, but don’t put the lid on. Then you will see it fly all over the place as it starts to pop! Maybe the children will be able to catch a bit in their paper cups as it pops out of the pan! You could always have made some earlier that you can give to the children to eat at the end if they haven’t been able to catch much.

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