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Magic trick - Flash paper: ‘Elijah and the prophets of Baal’

Fire from Heaven with the use of flash paper

This is a fun object lesson / Gospel magic routine by Rick Lenski based on the flash paper nagic trick. If you have never see flash paper in action, you can watch a random demonstration video below. You can buy it here through Ebay and here through Amazon. 

“Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.” (I Kings 18:17 & Psalm 145:3)


- flash paper (approximately 8"X 9")
- sheet of typing paper with the Bible verse Psalm 145:3 printed on it
- fake bricks, rocks or imaginary building materials.  
- a pitcher of confetti or streamers
- small sticks (I use Popsicle sticks) 
- matches 
-  I use a small carton that makes a mooing sound, like a cow, for fun.


Take the typing paper with the verse as found in Psalm 145:3 and fold it up tightly into a small three inch square.  Hide this in a pocket or area where you can pick it up without being noticed.  The fake brick, stone or imaginary building materials will be for a volunteer to build an altar.  Fill the pitcher with confetti or streamers.  This will be poured onto the altar and the child just as Elijah drenched the altar three times.  Handle the pitcher so it appears to really have water in it.




Flash paper is EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE and MUST be used with caution.  Practice with it.  Author assumes no liability for the use and/or misuse of flash paper.

The object lesson / the routine

Today we are going to learn about a prophet whose name was Elijah.  Elijah was a man who loved and followed the Lord.  I need a volunteer to help me.  Who will be my Elijah?

Select a volunteer and after you ask them their name, say I asked for an Elijah, you are not Elijah.  Well from now on your name is Elijah.

Elijah, you were sent to see Ahab, the king of Israel, by God.  Your job was to straighten out King Ahab and the people of Israel.  They were not worshipping the one true God but a false god named “Baal.”  Now you, Elijah, confronted King Ahab and challenged his prophets to a test.  This test would prove which god is the right and real God.  Is it the Lord? Or is it Baal? OK, Elijah, tell them what happened. 

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