512. The Object Lesson Of Water Pouring Down A String

The promise of rivers of living water flowing out of our innermost being

Jesus teaches his followers in John 7:38 that if we believe in Him rivers of living water will flow out of our innermost being. This life-giving water will flow through our faith into the lives of others, such as our friends, our family, other fellow Christians and of course the non-Christians in our lives.

water pouring

With this easy-to-do object lesson you can demonstrate to the children, young people and adults in your church the meaning of John 7:38.

We at Creative Kidswork are real fans of TheDadLab Youtube Channel. Here is another of his great, short video's on easy-to-do science experiments. 

Five teaching points that you can use with this object lesson:

We are the string
In this object lesson we are the string! Jesus pours his life-giving water into our lives so that we may share it with others.

The string as a symbol of the prophets
This object lesson also reminded us of the role of the prophets. The prophet is like the string. God’s words flow through him or her into the lives of the people of Israel.

Jesus is also the string as he is dependent upon the Father
Jesus said that he cannot do anything without the Father – “Jesus gave them this answer: "Very truly I tell you, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.” John 5:19.

Beautiful picture of the Holy Spirit
This object lesson is also a beautiful picture of the Holy Spirit flowing through our lives into the lives of others.

Being a blessing
Last but not least you can use this lesson to teach on what it means to bless others, to proclaim a blessing in church and to be a blessing to others.

What do you need?

- Two glasses
- Water (with added food coloring)
- Absorbent cotton string (needs to be thicker than thread).

What do you do?

- Cut a 2 foot long segment of string
- Soak the string in clear water until it is soaked through
- Fill up one cup to about half way with the colored water
- Put one end of the string into the cup with water and hold the other end above the empty cup
- Hold the cup with water in it, using your finger to keep the string in place at the rim of the glass. 
- Pour the water slowly along the string.
- Be aware that some water will spill, so you may have to clean up afterwards.


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