Object lesson: ‘One drop too much!’ - Joshua's defeat at Ai / Achan's sin

A fun object lesson for your Sunday school lesson 

Use this object lesson in your Sunday school lesson, children's ministry, Bible lesson or youth ministry to tell the Bible story of Joshua, who wants to take the village of Ai. 

If you know your Bible well, you will know that there was another reason why the Israelites were defeated: Achan’s disobedience.

Achan had ‘stolen’ several items from Jericho and hid them underneath his tent. I find the Bible story about Achan’s punishment one of the harder stories to tell. Especially if you’re telling the story to children. 

One way to tell this story to adults and (maybe to children) and explain why such a severe punishment followed, is using this object lesson...

One drop too much object lesson about Joshua defeat Ai ideal for Sunday school lesson Bible lesson christian youth work Bible story kids church

What do you need:

- a jug of lemonade
- a pipette
- a glass of water from our toilet

What, water from your toilet?! Let me explain...

What do you do:

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