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Experiment - Hydrogel beads: ‘The conflict between Paul and Barnabas

A cool science experiment with hydrogel beads on the division between Paul and Barnabas

In Acts 15: 36 - 41 we read about an argument between Paul and Barnabas. Two good friends and fellow missionaries who can’t agree on what to do with John Mark. Eventually they decide to separate and go their own ways. We don’t know if they ever saw each other again...

In this object lesson we’re going to use hydrogel beads and a hot pan to demonstrate this story, and to think with the children about the following questions

- Have you ever had a real argument with your best friend?
- Whose side are you on? Paul’s or Barnabas’?
- How do you think Paul and Barnabas should have resolved this argument?
- How do you resolve an argument with your friends?
- Do you think anything good came out of this argument?

This object lesson will really help you address this not so happy Bible story within your Sunday school lesson or kids ministry.


Paul and Barnabas, arguments, second chance, John Mark, making peace


You can download a complete worksheet which will help you to do the object lesson and teach on Paul and Barnabas.

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Scripture reference: Acts 15: 36 - 41
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