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Bible Story: ‘Jesus heals the blind beggar Bartimaeus’ - easy to tell

“Jesus!  Son of David!  Have pity on me!”   

"Cover your eyes up with your hands for a moment.  What can you see?  It's all dark in there, isn't it? What do we call someone who can't see at all? 

Nowadays there are all kinds of things to help people who can't see.  Long white canes, guide dogs, computers – my friend Neville can type messages on his computer and his computer reads the e-mails to him aloud! But did they have that kind of help in Jesus' time? No. If you were blind, it was a huge problem, you couldn't get a job, you couldn't keep your family, every day someone would have to lead you out to sit by the road, with your cloak and your begging bowl.

You'd sit there all day, calling out to anyone you heard passing by “ Please can you spare some money for a poor blind man?  Please can you help me?”.  Not much of a life was it, day in and day out?  Let's see what the man in our story is called: Bartimaeus. 

blind beggar Bartimaeus


Healing of blind Bartimaeus, the power of Jesus, the gospel

An easy to tell Bible story

We at Creative Kidswork want to make storytelling as easy as possible for you. That’s why we provide you with tons of easy to tell Bible stories. You can read this story aloud or tell it in your own way. 

This Bible story was (re-)written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries) for a school assembly, but you can use it at home, within a church service, Sunday school setting or anywhere you like

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