Bible Story: ‘Jesus and Barabbas’ - easy to tell - FREE

A great story to tell about the power of Easter

"Barabbas was listening hard.  The crowd went quiet and he could hear a man's voice speaking.  The next thing he heard was a great shout "BARABBAS, BARABBAS, WE WANT BARABBAS!"  (Get the children to shout it out, really loudly).  "Wonderful!"  thought Barabbas. "It must be my mates, come to get me out of prison!"  He began to feel much more cheerful.  But then the crowd went quiet again, and again the man spoke.  He couldn't hear Pilate's words, but Pilate was asking "What do you want me to do with Jesus?"



The gospel, Jesus dying for our sins, Jesus dying in our place, to live for Christ

An easy to tell Bible story

We at Creative Kidswork want to make storytelling as easy as possible for you. That’s why we provide you with tons of easy to tell Bible stories. You can read this story aloud or tell it in your own way. 

This Bible story was (re-)written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries) for a school assembly, but you can use it at home, within a church service, Sunday school setting or anywhere you like 

Download the story:      The-story-of-the-prisoner-Barabbas.pdf


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