Sunday School lesson - NT - Church: ‘Mission Sunday’

Fun ideas for six children's moments and a complete Sunday school lesson

Maybe it’s nearly Mission Sunday, or you have a visiting missionary who’s going to give a talk. In this series of twelve ideas we’re going to be looking at ways to illustrate this. The first six ideas can be used for various children’s moments during the church service, and the last six ideas are a complete Sunday School programme on the subject of mission, evangelism, spreading the Gospel, missions and missionaries.

Mission Sunday fun ideas for six children s moments and a complete Sunday School lesson on missions spreading the Gospel misssionaries and evangelism

Six ideas for a children’s moment during the service

Idea 342   How do you bring far away things close by?
Idea 343   ‘I’m off on a journey’
Idea 344   An actual link between the church and the visiting missionary
Idea 345   The great gift of faith
Idea 346   Share your (sugar) heart with someone and celebrate the wonder of faith
Idea 347   The Gospel is all about receiving and giving

Six ideas for a Sunday school lesson

Idea 348   Sunday school program 1. Discover other people’s treasures
Idea 349   Sunday school program 2. Ruth and Boaz exchange treasures
Idea 350   Sunday school program 3. Discover other people’s treasures through a puzzle
Idea 351   Sunday school program 4. The treasure chest that surprises
Idea 352   Sunday school program 5. Who is my neighbour?
Idea 353   Sunday school program 6. The cross is a gift

You can download the complete PDF file below, with all 12 creative ideas for your Mission Sunday.

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