Puppets - Christmas show: ‘Meet the Shepherd Puppets’

Any children’s worker can tell this story using two hand puppets

Depending how much time you have you can choose to tell the story of the shepherds quickly or elaborately.


The one thing you can always do, is to ask two children to come forward to be the shepherds. As demonstrated in the video below you can easily dress them up as shepherds and give them a hand puppet, so you will have four shepherds on stage.

Depending on the time you can add the following acts:

-  tell the story of the shepherds meeting the angel... and God's love using the Lota Vase
-  tell the story of the unworthiness and dreams of the shepherds
-  tell the story of the sheep, Rocky the Raccoon and an amazing IKEA frog


You can do this too during your Christmas service, school assembly or in your Sunday school lesson

Watch the demonstration video

You can see me doing a full demonstration in the video below.

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