Bible story: ‘Jesus blesses the children’

"When Jesus came near the village, he sat down under a tree in some shade. Maybe some children who had been playing outside their houses saw him - anyway, in no time lots of children had come out to see Jesus. Why would they want to be with him?  What was special about him? "We want to see Jesus" they said to Jesus' friends. 

Jesus' friends wanted him to have a bit of peace.  They were looking after him – that's what friends are for, isn't it?  Jesus' friends told the children: "You can't see Jesus!".  Then all the Mums and Dads came out.  Have you noticed that parents will generally stick up for you if someone else is telling you not to do something?  "Let them see Jesus!"  they said..." 


Jesus blesses the children, blessing, gospel presentation, let the children come to Me, coming to Jesus

A powerful Bible story written by Korky and Anni Davey (OAC ministries) with an easy to do painting. You can however also tell the story without a painting.

You can download the story below:

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