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Storytelling tips - Storybags: ‘Tell a Bible story using a storybag’

Do you know what a storybag is?

It is a brightly coloured cloth bag that is used as a visual aid as you tell a Bible story. It is turned inside out to reveal a different coloured interior. As the story unfolds the bag is turned inside out again and again to reveal different colours corresponding to the story. The final colour has a zipped pocket from which small objects can be produced.


You can buy all kinds of different quality storybags, for example at One Way UK and at Storybag.co.uk

At Storybag.co.uk they have storybags for:

Easter - The bag ends with 'He has risen'
All things Bright and beautiful - This bag ends with the fruit at harvest time
Joseph - The bag ends with the fulfilment of Joseph's Dream
Moses - The bag ends with the crossing of the red sea
Prodigal Son - This bag ends with The prodigal Return
Noah - The bag ends with the rainbow as a sign of the covenant between God and man.
Psalms 23 - Dwelling in the Lord's house
Gospel - This bag ends with assurance of forgiveness
Fish - The bag ends with the large catch of fish.
Creation - The bag ends on the seventh day God rested from all of his work.
Christmas - A visit to Bethlehem.
A visit to the Zoo - Learning about Animals.

Below you can see a video that demonstrates how the Christmas storybag works.

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