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Magic trick - Joker Tube: ‘The parable of the prodigal son’

Do you know the Joker Tube / Stratosphere magic trick? It is a very easy trick which enables you to tell many different Bible stories in a school assembly, as a preaching illustration, as a children's moment in a church, etc.

We like our gospel magic tricks to be very easy, but powerful in supporting the Biblical message. The Joker Tube / Stratosphere fulfills both these requirements. Anybody can do this. It is so easy, and at the same so powerful in helping you deliver a Biblical mesage. 

In the video below we demonstrate you how you can use the Joke Tube to tell the story of the prodigal son who wants to return to his father, but struggles to find the courage to really go back.

We will also give a trustworthy link, where you can buy this trick for yourself.
Return of the prodigal son 1

The prodigal son, making desicions, asking forgiveness, making things right

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