Magic trick - Baffling Boomerang: Sin = Sin - FREE

An easy to do gospel illussion from Rick Lenski 

This Gospel illusion is from Rick Lenski and can be used in your children's ministry, Sunday school or kidmin. You don't have to be a Christian magician to do this trick. 


Romans 6:23:  For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. This verse says all sin is deadly but God’s forgiveness erases all sin whether we feel they are big or small.


Sin, all sin is not acceptable.

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What do you need:

- Baffling Boomerang Magic Trick

Do you know how this magic trick works?

You can get to know this magic trick through this video below here:


We have a set of boomerangs. If I hold them up one looks bigger than the other.  If I switch them, the other one looks bigger. 

Now we will pretend these are sins. The things we do that are not pleasing to God. Let’s say this one (pick the smaller looking one) is a simple sin like lying. Saying things like, I forgot my homework at home, when actually you didn’t do it. We all think little things like that don’t really matter to God.

The bigger boomerang, let’s let it represent a BIG sin like robbing a bank or even murder. Surely that is a sin God should be greatly concerned about. 

But just as these boomerangs...

Put them together.

....are the same size, sin all sin is same in the eyes of God.


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