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Magic trick - Rigid Rope: Paul gets bitten by a snake - FREE

Snakebite - an easy to do gospel illussion from Richard Lenski

You can use this gospel illusion about the apostle Paul getting bit by a snake on Malta and nothing happens to him. This Gospel illusion is from Richard Lenski and can be used in your children's ministry, Sunday school or kidmin. You don't have to be a Christian magician to do this trick. 


Acts 28:


Paul on Malta getting bit by a snake illustrated.


Three ropes trick fun christmas story Sunday school kidmin

What do you need:

- Rigid Rope Magic Trick

Do you know how this magic trick works?

You can get to know this magic trick through this video below here:


Paul was on a ship being transported to Rome to be put on trial. A great storm rose up and the ship was eventually beached on the island of Malta.

The people there treated those stranded by the shipwreck extremely well. It was wet and raining and Paul picked up a bunch of sticks. 

Hold the rope in the rigid position mimicking a stick.

But in the sticks was a very venomous snake.

Turn the rope sideways and mimic a snake’s motion.

It bit Paul

Let it pretend to bite you and throw it down or into a dump box.

and the people there knew Paul would swell up and die, but Paul shook the snake off and into the fire and was just fine.


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