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Easy tips on how to draw on your Gospel Magic silks from Richard Lenski

You can use these tips for your Gospel magic silks from Richard Lenski in your children's ministry, Sunday school or kidmin. 

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Create your own silks

There have been times I needed a silk design that either was not available or too expensive. I have always wanted to create some silk images for teaching so I investigated on the methods that are used. I have had some art training in my background and I wanted to put it to good use. There are markers you can use for clothing and I have not tried them and they just didn’t seem right to me. I settled on using Sharpies. The ultra fine tipped ones are good for details. If you work fast and with a light hand you will find you can get incredible detail. You will have to practice.


Draw out what you want to make on paper. Place the silk over the picture and tape it down so it will not move. Trace your picture lightly in pencil.

Use embroidery loops

Once you have your design, put the silk in an embroidery hoop. Do not stretch it to tight as you will make runs in the silk, but you must have it firm.


Sharpies are the best I have found. The quicker you draw and the lighter the touch, the finer line you will create. Move too slow and the marker ink will bleed out and the line will get wide and fuzzy.

Examples of silks

Below are some examples of what I created.

drawingonsilk3      drawingonsilk4


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