Experiment - Jesus, King of the Jews: 'The exploding lemon'

A fun science experiment to help the children think about the overflowing love of Jesus

It’s strange how something as sour as a lemon can overflow with colour. You could compare it to the overflowing love of Jesus that becomes visible through the 'sourness' of the cross.

This idea is part of a complete Sunday School lesson on the Bible story of the crucifixion of Jesus (Matthew 27: 27-38)


Do dreams come true creative discussion on bible story of Jesus and Barabbas Easter activity for Sunday school or childrens ministry

What do you need?

- lemons
- boards
- knives
- (food) dye
- washing up liquid
- teaspoon
- bicarbonate of soda

What do you do?

Tags: Experiments , Easter , Jesus, Son of God, Good Friday