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Theme: Life / alive

Life / alive in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

Being alive is a central theme in the Bible, and one that is important for children to understand. The Bible teaches that God is the source of all life and that He has created each person with a unique purpose and plan.

The Bible also talks about the importance of living life to the fullest, of using one's gifts and talents to serve others, and of finding joy and contentment in each day. For example, in the book of Ecclesiastes, the author reflects on the meaning and purpose of life, reminding us to enjoy the moments we have and to make the most of our time here on earth.

Children's workers can help kids understand what it means to be alive in the Bible by teaching them about God's love and care for them, the value of each person, and the importance of living life with purpose and joy.

On this page you will find creative ideas, resources and activities relating to the topic of being alive / life which you can use in your Bible lessons, kidmin, kid’s ministry, elementary school or homeschooling. 

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