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Theme: Jesus - His miracles

Jesus - His miracles in the Bible: Creative activities for your children's ministry

The four Gospels provide an abundance of stories about the miracles of Jesus. These miracles range from healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and even raising the dead. Through these miracles, we see that Jesus not only had the power to perform them, but that he also had great compassion for those in need.

The miracles of Jesus demonstrate that God's kingdom is not just some distant, abstract concept, but rather a tangible reality that can be experienced in the here and now. By performing these miracles, Jesus showed that God's love and power can break through the brokenness of this world and bring about restoration and wholeness.

On this page, we have compiled creative ideas, resources, and activities that focus on the miracles of Jesus, which you can use in your children's ministry, kid's church, Sunday school, or Christian primary school. These resources will help you teach children about the powerful works of Jesus and inspire them to have faith in the miraculous power of God.

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