Magic trick - Christmas show: 'Chemical Cross: Meaning of the cross'

How to use the iodine and sodium thiosulfate reaction to teach about Jesus being the Light of the world

In the video below I show you how you can end the Christmas show by explaining the meaning of the cross at the centre of the Christmas puzzle. Talk about Isaiah 9:2 "The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned."

chemical cross

Talk about the darkness in the time that Jesus was born. The poverty, the suppression by the Romans, God's silence for more than four hundred years. You then create a darkness in a vase full of water. Then by using the Chemical Cross trick light arrives and the darkness disappears.. It is another version of the iodine and sodium thiosulfate reaction, but this time you use a cross to make the water totally clean again. You can buy the Chemical Cross set through the site of Mission Magic

Watch the video:

In the video below I will show you how you can use this amazing act during your Christmas service, school assembly or in your Sunday school lesson.

Don't forget – any children’s worker can do this! It only needs a little bit of practice. So give it a try!

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