Magic trick - Christmas show: ‘Lota vase: God's love for the shepherds’

Any children’s worker can explain God's love for the shepherds and the poor using the Lota Vase

Have you ever heard of a Lota Vase?

This is a fun, easy to do magic trick in which you can pour water again and again from an empty metal vase!

lota vase

When I first saw one of them, I knew I had to have one! Straightaway I could see the potential for using them in telling Bible stories. 

Watch the video:

In the video below I will show you how you can use the Lota Vase to tell the story of the Shepherds meeting the angel, and so demonstrate the amazing love of God for us all!

You can buy your copy of the Lota Vase through the site of Mission Magic, but they also sell them here on and here on

You can use this trick too during your Christmas service, school assembly or in your Sunday school lesson.

Don't forget – any children’s worker can do this Gospel magic trick. It only needs a little bit of practice. So give it a try!

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