Sunday School lesson - NT - Christmas 1: ‘Zachariah meets the angel Gabriel’

Discover this Advent Sunday school lesson on Zechariah who meets the angel Gabriel

We offer you ten creative ideas that you can use in your Sunday school, kids ministry, children's church or youth work on the Bible story of Zechariah and the angel Gabriel in Luke 1: 5 - 25.

Zacharias meets the angel Gabriel a complete Sunday school lesson with ten creative ideas

The Sunday School lesson consist fo the following ideas:

Idea 572:   Discarded or valuable?

Idea 573:   What number did you throw? - a Bible game / Icebreaker

Idea 574:   YouTube video and discussion – One Dayne Day

Idea 575:   Experiment – The Impossible Sumhe Impossible Sum

Idea 576:   No nice gift for Zachariah? - a creative activity

Idea 577:   Who is the angel Gabriel? - a creative activity

Idea 578:   Who can you trust? - a creative activity

Idea 579:   What did you say? - a Bible game

Idea 580:   I think God is really special, because... - a Bible game

Idea 581:   Keep that straw under your nose! - a fun Bible game



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