Sunday School lesson - NT - Christmas 3: ‘Mary meets Elisabeth’

Discover this Advent lesson on Mary who meets her elderly aunt Elisabeth, who is also pregnant

We offer you twelve creative ideas that you can use in your Sunday school, kids ministry, children's church or youth work on the Bible story of Mary and Elisabeth in Luke 1: 39 - 56

Mary meets Elisabeth a complete sunday school lesson with 12 creative ideas based on Luke 1 verses 39 till 56

The Sunday School lesson consist fo the following ideas:

Idea 549:   Children’s moment/ introduction – a tie or an apron?

Idea 550:   Icebreaker – let that popcorn pop!

Idea 551:   Tips for telling the story of Mary meeting Elisabeth

Idea 552:   YouTube video and discussion – Memories

Idea 553:   Experiment – a Powerful Combination

Idea 554:   What is the meaning of being blessed? - an object lesson

Idea 555:   Create a chain reaction - a creative activity 

Idea 556:   Living Memory - an Advent Game

Idea 557:   Big Tummy race - a game

Idea 558:   Israel’s photo album - a craft idea

Idea 559:   What are you full of? - a Creative Prayer idea

Idea 660:   What makes your heart bubble up? - a Creative Prayer idea


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