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Crafts idea - Mary and Elisabeth: ‘Israel’s photo album’ - FREE

A wonderful craft idea about the Bible story of Mary meeting Elisabeth

In her song Mary sings that God hasn’t forgotten His love for Israel. That’s why he is going to help His people. He had promised this to Abraham and to everyone who came after him.

Mary knows that the arrival of her child means that the God of all the stories in the Bible still loves his people. He hasn’t forgotten them at all.

Israel s Photo Album a fun craft about Mary meeting her pregnant aunt Elisabeth in Luke 1 verses 39 till 56

What do you need:

- an empty photo album or file
- printed photo sheets - that you can download here.
- felt pens/crayons

What do to:

Ask the children which of them has a photo book or scrap book at home?

They are full of photos that help you remember what it was like when you were younger and what you did. 

I’ve got Israel’s photo album here . Only look…..it’s empty!

Show the children the empty photo album, or the file filled with the blank photo sheets.

- How does Israel know that God loves them?
- Which stories/photos should be in their album?

Ask the children which stories they know from the Old Testament in which God shows that he loves the people of Israel.

Write the names of these stories on the sheets and ask the children who wants to make a ‘photo/drawing’ for which story.

Give each child their own sheet and ask them to draw something that illustrates that particular story.

When the drawings are finished, they all go in to the album – so we now have an album with many different ‘photos’ and stories, which will also help us to remember how much God loves us.


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