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Game - Mary and Elisabeth: ‘Big tummy race’ - FREE

A fun creative activity about the Bible story of Mary's meeting her aunt Elisabeth

When Elisabeth heard May’s voice, the baby in her tummy started kicking and moving around. The Holy Spirit came over Elisabeth and she called out to Mary ‘Blessed are you among women and blessed is the child you will bear!’

Big Tummy race a fun game about Mary meeting her pregnant aunt Elisabeth in Luke 1 verses 39 till 56

What do you need:

- balloons
- an obstacle course in your location

What to do:

Divide the group into two and hold a relay race – set out an obstacle course and give each group a balloon.

When you say go, the first child in each team has to put the balloon up their t-shirt/jumper and run round the course. When they get back to the start they give the balloon to the next child in their group. If the balloon bursts the group has to blow up a new one before they can continue with the race. The winning group is the one in which all the children have completed the course.


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