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Experiment - Mary and Elisabeth: ‘A powerful combination’ - FREE

A fun science experiment that you can use with the story of Mary meeting her aunt Elisabeth

Mary was so full of thankfulness, so full of what had happened to her and so full of the Holy Spirit that something was bound to happen. It was a powerful combination.
Today we’re also going to make a powerful combination.

Powerful Combination a fun science experiement and object lesson that you can use with the st

What do you need:

- bicarbonate of soda
- vinegar
- kitchen roll
- sandwich bags that are airtight when closed (those with a zip top).

What to do:

Put a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda into a piece of kitchen roll and fold it tight. Now take a sandwich bag with a zip top and pour some vinegar into it. Close the zip to halfway. Now push the folded piece of kitchen paper with bicarbonate of soda in it into the bag. Close the bag up quickly and shake It gently.

What happens when the bicarbonate of soda comes into contact with the vinegar?

Hopefully this is also a powerful combination! Maybe just as powerful as what happened to Mary.

Is something already bubbling up?


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