Storytelling tips: ‘Story sticks - a collection of ideas and routines’

A collection of ideas and routines for their use plus construction details by Peter Gardini

Story sticks were first described to the magical community as far as I am are aware by Christian Magician and minister Revd. Peter Liddelow.


They may be made from four strips of cardboard, plastic card, metal or in our example pieces of wood These are joined in three places by a screw or fixing so as to give a hinge joint.

create sticks

The four pieces thus joined may be quickly formed into a wide range of shapes with which to illustrate a host of stories or ideas. The dimensions are not critical but each piece should be cut to the same dimensions. Our story sticks have been made from four pieces of wood each measuring 46cm x 4cm x 2cm.

Here you download his booklet in PDF format: Story-Sticks---Booklet.pdf

In tthis booklet you'll find:

- notes on using the story sticks
- a complete list of shapes that you can create with story sticks
- a script for The Three Little Pigs script
- a script for The parable of The Rich Fool
- a script for The parable of The Two House Builders 

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