Five Free Gospel Magic Routines For You

As a Dutch professional Christian magician, who works in the Netherlands I am quite happy to share all of my gospel magic routines with you. I have started putting them together on this site, where you can find almost a hundred gospel magic routines, most of them with a demonstration video.

Five Free Gospel routines for you

To cover the costs of the site we ask for a small yearly contribution of 25 dollars, which will give you access to all the routines. In the coming months I will add anothter thirty till fifty gospel magic routines (all with a demonstration video) on the site.

Below you can find a few of the videos that are freely available to give you an idea. I hope you can use them. 

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1. The parable of the Prodigal Son - Dean's box gospel illusion

Deans Box2I use the Dean’s box magic trick to tell several Bible stories. I bought mine very cheaply through Alibaba Express. The only problem was that it didn’t come with any explanation as to how the trick works. If you choose yours through Alibaba Express you can send me an email and I will send you a video in which I explain how the trick works. It looks great and it is very easy to do

Click on this link to watch the demonstration video and read the routine

2. Who is welcome in the stable? - The Magic Umbrella trick 

magic umbrella

This is probably one of my favourite magic tricks. I currently use it as an ending to two of my Christian children's theatre shows. I like it because it is so easy, but it always gives a 'wow' effect.

Take the red umbrella out of the tube. When you open the umbrella you can show that it is a normal one. You close the umbrella and put it back into the tube. Now show eight different coloured silks to the audience. Then put them into a bag, and suddenly the bag changes into the top of the umbrella and all the silks have disappeared. Pick up the tube and pull the umbrella out. Now the top has been disappeared and instead of the top, the eight silks are hanging on the umbrella.

Click on this link to watch the demonstration video and read the routine

3. The three gifts of the Magi – The Incredible Kettle, flash paper, a dove pan and a large sponge cake

kettle4A spectacular act that is so easy to do it will surprise you! The following act is all about the Magi arriving at the stable and giving their presents to Joseph and Mary. It is educational, fun and spectacular with some magic fire at the end of the act. And you know what? You can do this too. It is so easy...

Click on this link to watch the demonstration video and read the routine

4. Joseph and Mary searching for a place to stay in Bethlehem - A beautiful wooden Stratosphere trick

Magic traffic light2Ask a child to come forward as a volunteer and show him/her the Joker Tube / Stratosphere and asks if he knows what order the colours are in a traffic light. Red at the top, yellow in the middle and green at the bottom. The child gives you the coloured balls and you put them in the right order into the tube. Then you start telling the story...

Click on this link to watch the demonstration video and read the routine

5. Rocky Raccoon and the Bible story of the paralysed man - The ZigZag trick 

rockyWe are always looking for new ways to tell Bible stories. One of these ways is through the use of Rocky Raccoon, the spring puppet.In the video below we will show you how you use Rocky and the ZigZag trick tol tell the Bible story of Jesus healing the paralysed man who was lowered through a hole in the roof made by his four friends.

Click on this link to watch the demonstration video and read the routine

Of course these are just a few of Gospel Magic routines here on Creative Kidswork. 
You can find all routines here on the site. 


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