YouTube video: ‘Surprised by the imagination of a child’ - Jonah / training children’s workers

Now that is a big fish!!

A child in Japan is told by his teacher to draw a picture. He can draw whatever he wants. But something seems to go wrong. He fills page after page with black lines. And it looks like he won't be stopping anytime soon...

His worried parents ask for professional help. What's going on? The end will surprise you...

Jona and the big fish

You can watch this video together with your children’s workers to think about how you can stimulate the children's imagination.

You can also watch this with the children aged 9-12, as an addition to your telling of the story of Jonah and the fish.

Scriptural reference:

Jonah 1: 17


Children’s workers training, imagination, Jona and the big fish

Watch the video below...

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