Sunday school lesson - NT - Christmas show explanation

A Christmas show split up into twenty parts so you can do this too!

As a full-time professional Christian entertainer I do around 250 shows in churches and schools a year.  I have an hour long show that I do at Christmas. This Christmas show is made up of a few puppet acts, five different object lessons, one quiz and fourteen different magic tricks! All in one hour (or a bit more...) But why am l teling you this?

Because especially for you I have split up my Christmas show into twenty small different parts. This has taken weeks of work, because I have made an instruction video for almost every part. So now you can use these ideas within your children’s ministry. Yes, this means that you can do this Christmas show too!


With these ideas, the right magic tricks and a little bit of practice you can create a professional Christmas show of over an hour. But of course you can choose just one element or several elements and create a much shorter Christmas programme. The floor is all yours! 

In the video below you will find an explanation of the build up of the whole show and of the Christmas Puzzle. You will also find here a PDF file with all the ideas that you can print out so it will be easier for you to reproduce this show for yourself.


Here are the twenty different parts of the Christmas show:  

Part 01: The Candle - a presentation of the Christmas Puzzle (idea 312)

Part 2a: A ventriloquist act about trusting (idea 313) 
Part 2b: Your own act about trusting - the Slush Powder trick (idea 314)

Part 03: The Christmas Tree - the second piece of the Christmas Puzzle (idea 315)

Part 04: Mary’s meeting with the angel Gabriel - the Magic Bible Colouring Book trick (ideas 316)

Part 05: Joseph’s reaction to Mary’s pregnancy - the Cut and Restore rope trick (idea 317)

Part 06: Joseph and Mary searching for a place to stay in Bethlehem - the Joker Tube trick (idea 318)

Part 07: Immanuel; the relationship between God and his people will be restored - the Dean's box trick + the Energy Bar (idea 319)

Part 08: The Turkey - the third piece of the Christmas Puzzle (idea 320)

Part 09: Introducing the shepherds with two hand puppets and two children dressed up as shepherds (idea 321)

Part 10: God's love for the shepherds - the Lota Vase trick (idea 322)

Part 11: The unworthiness and dreams of the shepherds - the Headless Cartoon silks + the Useless Box (idea 323)

Part 12: Meet the sheep, Rocky the Raccoon and an amazing IKEA frog - the Zigzag trick (idea 324)

Part 13: The Presents - the fourth piece of the Christmas Puzzle (idea 325)

Part 14: Introducing the Magi with a hand puppet (idea 326)

Part 15: Following Jesus may cost you everything - the Sucker Dice Box trick (ides 327)

Part 16: A celebration in the stable - the Incredible Kettle trick + flash paper + dove pan + sponge cake (idea 328)

Part 17: The Cross - the missing piece of the Christmas Puzzle (idea 329)

Part 18: Explaining the meaning of the cross - the Chemical Cross trick (idea 330)

Part 19: The power of a quiz (idea 331)

Part 20: Who is welcome in the stable? - the Magic Umbrella trick (idea 332)

Download the complete PDF file with all the ideas and watch the demonstration video of the build up of the show

Below you will find a PDF file for you to download with all twenty ideas of the Christmas show and a demonstration video with an explanation of the build up of the whole show and the Christmas Puzzle 

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