Prayer idea - Jesus' words on the cross: ‘You will be with me in paradise’

Praying for the persecuted church using the seven words of Jesus on the cross.

Length of the prayer time : about 45 minutes in total



Light seven large candles and arrange them on a table. By each of the seven words pick up a candle, and when you have spoken the words, blow the candle out and put it back on the table. You start with seven lit candles and finish with seven candles that have been blown out.

The ‘seven words of Jesus’ are the seven sentences that Jesus spoke while on the cross.


2. "Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise." (Luke 23:43)

Pick up the second candle, speak these words, blow the candle out and put it back in its place on the table.

“It is not always easy to come to Jesus. In the Bible we read of four friends who couldn’t get to Jesus through the door or through the window. Instead of giving up, they made a hole in the roof in order to make sure their paralysed friend could get to Jesus. The first words that Jesus spoke to this man were similar to his first words on the cross: “ All your sins are forgiven”. Only after having spoken these words did he heal the man and reveal who he was to the people in the house”.

Hand out pen and paper to everyone.


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