Object lesson: ‘Candles of Christmas’ - hope / light & darkness

The story of the four candles

This  is the story of four candles – the candle of Peace, the candle of Trust, the candle of Love and of course the candle of Hope. You can use it in a Christmas service, in a school assembly or in your children’s ministry.

You will need four large candles and four candle holders.

Print out four cards with the words PEACE, TRUST, LOVE and HOPE on them. Make sure they are easily readable from a distance and place them in front of the four candles, or stick them around the candles. 

Before you start telling the story, light the candles.

You will also need a glass to put the LOVE candle out.  



Light of the world, hope, Christmas

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Tags: Object lessons, Christmas , Children's moments in church, Advent , Light / Darkness

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