Teaching: ‘Different way of looking at your children's ministry’

What do you see when you look at the children and the things going on in your Sunday school class?

Very often when I do a training for Christian children’s workers I show them some sums. Five of these sums are correct and one of the sums is wrong.

I then ask the children’s workers present if there is anything that they notice about these six sums. Almost always they’ll say: “One of them is incorrect.”

This is a way of looking at life that we notice the things that go wrong.

Another way of looking at these sums is to say: “Five of them are correct.”

how do we look at our childrens ministry

When we look at the children in our Sunday school class or within the children’s ministry what do we see? Do we see the things that go wrong and address these things? Or do we notice the things that go well and address these positive things?

In the video below I show the object lesson of the sums.

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