Sunday school lesson - NT - Life of Jesus: ‘Ascension Day’

A great programme for your Sunday school or children's ministry that looks at the meaning of Ascension Day

'Why did Jesus go to heaven?' and 'What does Jesus do in heaven?' are two very important questions to raise when we think about the ascension of Jesus. How can we help children in the Sunday school, children's ministry, children's work or kids ministry to find the answers to these important questions? 

Hopefully this Sunday school lesson with 8 creative ideas will help you!

You can download the complete PDF file below, with all 8 creative ideas on the ascension of Jesus.

why did Jesus go to heaven and what does He do there


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Scripture reference:

1 Timothy 3:16, Acts 1:1-26, Mark 16:19, Acts 1:11, Acts 1:9, John 6:62, 1 Peter 3:22, Acts 1:9-11, John 20:17

Have fun with them!

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