Object lesson - Puzzle of Christmas: ‘An unforgettable Christmas service’

A new way to tell the Christmas story

Are you looking for something visual to tell the Christmas story and maybe explain the gospel? Maybe you can use the (giant) Christmas Puzzle...


Christmas Puzzle 1

The Christmas tree - You can start with the Christmas tree and maybe tell a story about Christmas when you were young.

Christmas Puzzle 32

The Candle - The second piece of the puzzle is the candle. Now you tell the story of Mary who saw a bright light; an angel. Perhaps you can use the magic colouring book (idea 82) to tell the children that God had been silent for more 400 years. Nobody had heard anything from God. (Show the empty colouring book)

Then suddenly an angel appears with Mary and tells her an amazing thing. (Show the black / white pictures in the colouring book) What will Mary’s answer be? Mary places her trust in God and says ‘Yes’! The Christmas story can begin. (Show the coloured pictures in the book).

You can maybe use the Joker Tube (idea 85) to the adventures of Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem when trying to find a room.  (I will post a video of how you can use the Joker Tube in this story in the coming weeks.)

Christmas Puzzle 3

The Turkey - The third piece of the puzzle is the turkey. This is a symbol for the shepherds and their flock.

You ask two children to come forward and quickly dress them as shepherds. Maybe give them a hand puppet each, so that there are four shepherds. Then you hand out five or six sheep puppets. (IKEA used to sell these very cheaply). When the angels appear, the mouths of the shepherds and the sheep fall open. They hear the wonderful news and go to Bethlehem.

Christmas Puzzle 4

The Present – The fourth piece of the puzzle is the present. This is of course the story of the Magi following the star of Bethlehem and taking their gifts with them.

You can make this visual for the children with a big star of maybe even the three gifts. What are myrrh and incense?

Now the Christmas story is complete! But what's happened?

We have a giant hole in our Christmas! How is that possible? We have got a Christmas tree, nice lights, something nice to eat and presents? What is missing?

Produce the last piece of the Christmas Puzzle...

Christmas Puzzle 5

The Cross – but we have a problem! The cross doesn’t fit into the puzzle. How can we solve this?

We have  to remove the candle and the turkey puzzle piece so that we can place the cross into the middle of the Christmas Puzzle. Now you can add the other two puzzle pieces and complete the Christmas Puzzle. You can explain about the cross being a symbol for Christ, or even do a gospel presentation.

Christmas Puzzle 6

When we place Jesus – the meaning of the Christmas story in the centre of Christmas, the puzzle is complete

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